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  • Current range from 16A to 1600A.
  • Installation versions: direct, on the door, with the door and the door locked.
  • A wide range of accessories.
  • Version: three-pole and four-pole for photovoltaic applications up to 1250A.

Fuse holders

  • Modular design for fuses 10×38, 14×51 and 22x58mm.
  • IP20 protection against direct contact and the ability to seal the cover for operator safety.
  • Variant with indicator light for quick search of fuse for replacement.
  • UL and CSA Certified Options.

Circuit breakers and differential switches

  • Circuit breakers with thermomagnetic release, 1-63A.
  • Circuit breakers with thermomagnetic release, 80-125A.
  • Differential switches.
  • Differential switches with thermomagnetic release.
  • Additional units and accessories for thermomagnetic circuit breakers.

Surge Protector

  • Surge protection arising from direct and indirect electrical discharges.
  • Models with removable cartridges for quick replacement.
  • A mechanical indicator of the end of life with a visual indication of the operating mode of individual modules.
  • Models with or without contact mode indication contact.
  • Models for photovoltaic systems.

Modular Contactors

  • Two-, three- and four-pole contactors for current from 20A to 63A.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Flag indicator of operation.
  • Additional auxiliary contact blocks.

Earth leakage relay

  • Execution versions: modular, for mounting on the front panel and for mounting on the internal panel with and without flag indicators, with protection against false alarms.
  • Versions with automatic control of toroid connection.
  • A wide selection of supply voltages.
  • Adjustable tripping current In.
  • Regulation and selection of values ​​for leakage current and tripping delay.