Характеристики товара

Time relay

  • Modular design for installation on panels.
  • Relay of extractable and built-in type.
  • A wide range of functions and gradations.
  • High accuracy and reliability.

Protection Relay

  • Modular versions for mounting on DIN rail 35 mm.
  • Relays for monitoring the minimum and maximum voltage for single and three-phase networks with neutral and without neutral.
  • Relays for monitoring voltage asymmetry, phase rotation and phase failure.
  • Relays for monitoring the minimum and maximum current.
  • Frequency relay.

Level monitoring relay

  • Relays for monitoring the level of liquids that conduct electricity.
  • Execution Versions: Modular and Removable Relays.
  • Sensitivity range 2.5-200kOhm adjustable.
  • Probes are single-pole and three-pole.
  • On-Priority Relay.

Micro PLC

  • Modules for 10, 12 and 20 inputs / outputs.
  • Expansion modules 4 inputs and 4 outputs, digital.
  • Extension modules 4 inputs and 4 outputs, analog.
  • Modbus®-RTU communication module.
  • The RS232 / USB interface for the entire series is connected to a computer or software memory unit.
  • On-board programming languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Chinese.
  • Computer programming languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Power Supplies

  • Modular versions for mounting on a DIN 35mm rail.
  • Regulation of output voltage.
  • Short circuit protection (short circuit).
  • Built-in input voltage filter.
  • Use in electronic and electromechanical devices for DC power supply.

Automatic Chargers

  • 1 charge level.
  • Models for 1.25-12A lead acid batteries.
  • Adjustable charge current level.