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General Electric Entelliguard G Air Circuit Breakers

The new generation Entelliguard G air circuit breakers immediately sparked the interest of companies
engaged in the assembly of switchboard equipment and operating
organizations. And this interest is justified: the unique technical solutions found by the designers of General Electric,
allow you to expand the scope of circuit breakers in electrical panels.

  • Technical characteristics of circuit breakers of the new Entelliguard series:
  • Rated current from 400 to 6400 A;
  • Breaking capacity up to 150 kA.
  • Benefits of Entelliguard Air Circuit Breakers:
  • Highest quality workmanship;
  • Reduced dimensions. These circuit breakers are smaller than those of the classic M-Pact Plus series, which in many cases allows reducing the size of electrical switchboards and switchgear.
  • Easy to install, optimized for work in the NKU;
  • Reduced temperature effect on performance;
  • Interchangeable with previous models;
  • The protection unit can be used with all GE air circuit breakers;
  • Protection units in a single design provide a choice from the simplest protection functions to the most complex settings and monitoring.

IMPORTANT: Only 3-pole models specified in the catalog in the table corresponding to the standard can be used on DC
EN 60947-3. 4-pole models are not intended for use in DC networks. Voltage data
circuit breakers allow switching loads up to 750V DC when connecting 3 poles in series (250V per pole).
The external overcurrent release for circuit breakers Entelliguard G has not yet been developed and tested on
switch compatibility.

General Electric Entelliguard L Air Circuit Breakers

This new line of air circuit breakers is based on a standard platform that complies with IEC standards. Has a more simplified design. Made in the European Union.

The General Electric air circuit breakers of the Entelliguard L series are a line of 3- and 4-pole devices with rated currents from 400A to 4000A of two sizes with breaking capacities of 50kA and 65kA

  • Features :
  • Design provides a unique combination of high breaking capacity, selectivity and short circuit opening time
  • The device has a new trip device that provides reliable protection for both the circuit breaker and the environment
  • The design of the circuit breakers allows you to work with multiple tripping currents and provides operation in AC networks up to 690V
  • Characteristics :
  • Rated currents from 400A to 4000A, 2 sizes
  • Compliance with IEC 60947
  • 3 and 4 pole versions
  • 50kA and 65kA shutdown current values ​​