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General Electric BWS High Speed ​​DC Circuit Breakers

BWS circuit breakers are designed for indoor use up to 2000 m above sea level, protected from dirt, flammable or chemically active gases and vapors. The switches can be used in tropical and air-conditioned climates.

BWS circuit breakers are manufactured in two climatic versions in accordance with PN-E-045455-21, IEC 721-2-1:

  • N — for use in cold (CT) or hot (WT) climates
  • T — for use in humid hot climates (WDr and WDa)

BWS is specifically designed for:

  • short circuit protection in traction substations
  • disconnecting operating currents and overload currents
  • units in sectional cabinets for trains, trams
  • protection of underground and traction engines
  • short circuit protection of rectifiers and thyristor converters in metallurgy, mining, etc.

Rated current from 630A to 3150A

Rated voltage from 600V to 4000V

Electrical durability — 1000 cycles

Mechanical durability — 50,000 cycles

Breaking capacity 50.80,100 kA

Installation options: stationary, withdrawable

The accuracy of the trip of the circuit breaker is in the range of +/- 5% and does not depend on changes in ambient temperature, voltage and initial temperature of the coil.

Dielectric strength of the insulation of the circuit breaker 35 kV

Electrical endurance at U = 1.25Uн, I = 1,5Iн — 1000 cycles (European standard requires only 200 cycles).

BWS mechanical wear resistance of 50,000 cycles with a switching frequency of 120 cycles per hour.

Native breaker response time of less than 5 ms at current rise rate
di / dt = 0.5kA / ms. 7. The BWS circuit breaker cuts low currents well (critical currents).

Innovations applied in BWS switches:

  • The main contact is equipped with a stabilizer that prevents arcing on the contacts as a result of their vibration during switching
  • Contacts made of a special alloy of copper
  • The holding coil has a current stabilizer

General Electric Gerapid High Speed ​​DC Circuit Breakers

Gerapid DC circuit breakers are single-pole circuit breakers designed for use on the railway in traction power distribution systems for operating currents up to 8000A and operating voltage up to 3600V DC. They have a high breaking capacity in combination with extreme current characteristics. The circuit breaker is switched on using a high-power switching magnet. During the checks, disconnection and inclusion can be performed using a manual lever that can be mounted on the anchor of the disconnecting magnet.

Overload disconnection is achieved directly through a short circuit release or, depending on the current rise rate, using an external release with an internal capacitor release (included in the scope of delivery). Indirect remote shutdown is carried out using a shunt coil release or undervoltage release.

The operation of the arcing chamber is based on the principle of splitting the arc without asbestos. A wide variety of accessories and spare parts are available for maintenance, repair, or potential expansion.