For more than 45 years, Bopla has been developing and manufacturing electronics enclosures made of plastic and aluminum, as well as interface elements: touch screens and film keyboards.

The solutions are used in measuring, control and regulation equipment, in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of technological equipment, in medicine and railway technology. In addition to the production of standard products, one of the main activities of the enterprise is the production of individual case solutions according to customer specifications.

Bopla is one of the largest enterprises in the enclosure industry. The company supplies over 25,000 different products for electronic components. Bopla Enclosures and Film Keyboards protect high-quality content from damage and are used worldwide in a wide range of applications.


  • Cases for Hand Instruments
  • Desktop Enclosures
  • Electronic and mechanical temperature sensors
  • Remote control enclosures
  • Wall-mounted enclosures
  • Display cases
  • Busbar enclosures
  • Enclosures for remote control installation
  • 19 ”housing
  • Enclosures for Electronics

Range of enclosures:

  • BoTouch, Botego, Ultramas, Aluplan, Alustyle, Alubos, BOS-Ecoline, Filotec, BoPad, BOS-Streamline, BOPLA-Arteb, BOS, Tastomat, Circum, Elesett / Eletec, Elegant, Element / Universal, Alu-Topline, Ultrapult, Elegant-Pult, Futura / Portas / Bopult, Bocard, RegloCard-Plus / Combifront / InterCard, CombiCard 5000-7000, CombiCard 1000-3000 / CombiSet 500, Alurail, Combirail, CombiNorm-Compact, CombiNorm-Classic, CombiNorm-Connect, Uninorm, Bocube, Euromas II, Euromas ABS / PC, Bocube Alu, Euromas Aluminium / Euromas F05, Euromas Polyester, Euromas Polymas, Internorm, Interzoll Case, Interzoll, Interzoll Modul, Intertego, Interzoll Plus, Internorm Stilб, UDS Universal-Docking-Station, Cable glands / General accessories

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