PEPPERL + FUCHS is the largest manufacturer of electronic sensors and the world market leader in intrinsically safe electrical circuits and explosion protection technology. Pepperl Fuchs consists of two areas: Factory Automation (automation of production) and Process Automation (process automation).

Factory Automation: non-contact inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, angle sensors (single and dual axis inclinometers with different output signals), linear displacement sensors and industrial laser rangefinders, angle sensors (incremental and absolute encoders), positioning systems, components ASi – buses, RFID – radio frequency identification.

Process Automation: spark barriers, signal converters, all kinds of level sensors and level alarms, Corrtran corrosion sensors, etc.

The list of products PEPPERL + FUCHS is very wide and includes:

  • Inductive Slit Sensors
  • Inductive sensors with analog output
  • Inductive angle sensors
  • Inductive sensors in cylindrical housings
  • Special Inductive Sensors
  • Inductive sensors in rectangular housings
  • Magneto-Inductive Linear Displacement Sensors
  • Optical distance sensors up to 500mm / 6000mm / 10000mm
  • Incremental encoders (with full and hollow shafts)
  • Absolute encoders single-turn and multi-turn
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors up to a range of 6000mm
  • Ultrasonic level gauges
  • Level sensors
  • Level Vibration Sensors
  • Single axis and dual axis inclinometers

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