Infineon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor electronic components. The company has in its portfolio a wide range of products such as microcontrollers, smart sensors, microchips for receiving and transmitting data for RF and radar applications, as well as discrete and integrated power electronics.

Power electronics

  • MOSFET, IGBT, PROFET, HITFET, Switches, linear voltage regulators, DC-DC converters, lighting circuits, SiC silicon carbide, high-power diodes and transistors, motor control circuits and drivers, AC-DC converters, solid state relays, audio microcircuits , Isolated Industrial Interfaces, Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)


  • 8-, 16- and 32-bit industrial microcontrollers

RF and wireless control

  • RF transistors, diodes, modules, switches, switching modules for antennas, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), 24-86 GHz transmitters, wireless control, highly reliable discrete electronics


  • Magnetic sensors of position, speed, current, integral automobile pressure sensors, 3D REAL3 ™ sensors, radar microcircuits, barometric pressure sensors

Bipolar Transistors and Diodes

Automotive Integrated Circuits

  • Regulators of alternating current generators, motor control circuits, direct current control circuits, limiters, direct current relay drivers, mirror circuits

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