EPCOS, a TDK Group company, designs, manufactures and supplies electronic components and systems. Thanks to 21,000 employees at 20 manufacturing enterprises and a wide distribution network outside Europe, the company is well equipped and ready to offer customers not only standard products, but also special solutions for them. Since February 2015, TDK Europe has been responsible for sales of EPCOS products in Europe.

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    • With screw terminals : B43712, B43732, B43705, B43725, B41456, B41458, B43703, B43723, B43713, B43733, B43701, B43721, B43700, B43720, B43704, B43724, B41550, B41570, B41560, B41580, B43742, B43762, B43743, B43763, B41554
    • 4-5- plug-in and solder pins : B43513, B43523, B43512, B43522, B43516, B43526
    • Plug-in : B43630, B41231, B43541, B43624, B43634, B43641, B43640, B41252, B43643, B43544, B43509, B43642, B43644, B41505, B43545, B43547
    • Big size : B41605, B41607, B43508
    • With axial solder terminals : B41693, B41793, B41692, B41792, B41691, B41791, B41689, B41789, B41690, B41790, B41696, B41796, B43693, B43793
    • Single end : B41890, B41858, B41888, B41896, B41866, B42824, B42851, B41856, B41859, B41887, B41895, B43896, B41898, B43858, B43888, B43890
    • For pulse applications: B43415, B43416

Ceramic capacitors (MLCC)

  • MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Chip: General Purpose C, CKC Array, CKG MEGACAP, CLL Ultra Low Inductance, CGA Automotive, CGJ High Reliability, CEU Series Design, CGB Low Profile
  • MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with Recessed Radial Leads: FG (C0G, X5R, X7R, X7S, X7T), FA (C0G, X7R, X7S, X7T, NP0, X8R)
  • Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors: TSF, H, GA, FD, MD, UHV, FHV
  • MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 3-Wire Feed Through: CKD710JB, CKD610JB, CKD61BJB
  • Pin Capacitors (High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors): CK45, CC45, CK45-RR, CD45, CS45
  • Feed-through ceramic capacitors for magnetrons : HFC
  • Capacitors CeraLink: LP, SP

Film Capacitors

  • AC film capacitors for starting motors: B32355, B32320, B32322, B32321, B32323, B32328, B32329, B32350, B32352, B32355, B32356, B32330, B32332, B32333, B32335, B33331, B33335
  • Metallized Polyester Capacitors (MKT): B32520 – B32529, B32560, B32561, B32562, B32563, B32564, B32559C, B32559S, B32593, B32594, B32232, B32231, B32572, B32573
  • Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors (MKP / MFP): B32671P, B32672P, B32673P, B32674, B32676, B32678, B32754, B32756, B32758, B32774P, B32776P, B32778P, B32774, B32776, B32778, B32682, B32683, B32684, B32686, B32620, B32621, B32651 – B32658, B32671L, B32672L, B32693, B32694, B32633, B32634, B32641B, B32642B, B32643B, B32613, B32614, B32671Z, B32672Z, B32673Z, B32686S, B32656S, B32658S, B32669
  • EMR suppression capacitors: B32924*4, B32926*4, B32021, B32022, B32023, B32024, B32026, B81123, B32912*5, B32913*5, B32914*5, B32916*5, B32918*5, B32921 – B32928, B32911*3, B32912*3, B32913*3, B32914*3, B32916*3, B32932, B32933, B32934, B32936, B32922H – B32926J
  • Power Capacitors (EPCOS): B32370, B32371, B32372, B32373, B32374, B25655, B25620, B25623, B25650, B25640, B25750, B25631, B32361, B32362, B32364

Components for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering

  • PhaseCap® Energy capacitors: MKK230-D-10.0-03 – MKK690-D-8.3-03, MKK230-D-10.0-04 – MKK690-D-8.3-04
  • PhaseCap® Premium capacitors: MKK230, MKK400, MKK415, MKK440, MKK480, MKK525, MKK570, MKK690, MKK765, MKK800
  • PhaseCap® Compact capacitors: MKK230, MKK400, MKK415, MKK440, MKK480, MKK525, MKK690, MKK800, MKK900, MKK1000
  • PhaseCap® HD capacitors: MKK400-D-40.0-21, MKK400-D-50.0-21, MKK440-D-40.0-21, MKK440-D-50.0-21, MKK440-D-56.0-21, MKK525-D-40.0-21
  • DeltaCap™ capacitors: MKD230-I-0.8 – MKD525-I-4.2, MKD230-D-0.5 – MKD525-D-8.3
  • PhiCap™ capacitors: MKP220, MKP230, MKP400, MKP415, MKP440, MKP480, MKP525
  • PoleCap capacitors : MKK400, MKK440, MKK525, MKK400, MKP525
  • HomeCap capacitors: B32340C*J*
  • Power Factor Controllers & Accessories : DataLog SD, BR7000-I, BR7000-I/S485, BR6000-R12, BR6000-R6, BR6000-HD12, BR6000-HD6, BR7000-I-TH, BR7000-I-TH/S485, BR7000, BR7000-HD, BR7000-T, BR7000-T/HD, BR604, BR6000-T06 V6.0, UCM-5, B44066, B44066, B44066
  • Measuring devices : MC7000-3, MMI7000-B, MMI7000-E, MMI7000-S, MMI8003, MMI6000
  • Capacitor Contactors : B44066S*J110, B44066S*J230, B44066S*N110, B44066S*N230
  • Thyristor Modules & Accessories: BD-050 400/440 – BD-200/480, EW-22, ESP-24, TSM-HV200, TSM-HV50, TSM-LC-I, TSM-LC-N1, TSM-LC-N690, TSM-LC-S, TSM-LC10, TSM-LC100, TSM-LC200
  • Reactors: B44066E, B44066D
  • PQSine™ P-Series – Active Harmonic Filters and Power Optimizers
  • Power capacitors
    • B32370, B32371, B32372, B32373, B32374, B25655, B25620, B25623, B25650, B25640, B25750, B25631, B32361, B32362, B32364
  • PF components and modules
    • Filters: DEA07-L, DEA10-L, DEA10-B, DEA14-B, DEA16-L, DEA16-H, DEA16-B, DEA16-L, DEA20-L, DEA21-B, DEA25-B, DEA16-L, TFS
    • Diplexers: DPX10, DPX16, DPX20, DPX25, TFSD100
    • Triplexers: TPX20
    • Balancing devices: ATB2012, ATB3225, HHM15
    • Directional couplers: HHM22, HHM29, TFSC06
    • Phase returners: DEA1019
    • Antennas: ANT016, ANT161, ANT162, ANT165
    • Isolators / Circulators: CU1L25
    • Modules: SESUB-PAN-D14580
  • Sensors and sensor systems
    • NTC temperature sensors (TDK & EPCOS): H650/822k/A1, G1540, G1550, G1560, G1565, G1541, G1551, G1561, M891, S871, S881, S891, S971, S981, K164, S875, S885, K1150, K220, K350, M820, S861, S863, S864, S867, S869, S860, F120, K227, K276, K301-A003, K45, K500, K501, K504, K514, K560, M1703, M2020, M500, M703, T120, Z81, K301-A001, NTCDS, NTCGF
    • SMD NTC Surface Mount Thermistors (EPCOS): B57232V5, B57251V5, B57254V5, B57256V5, B57221V2, B57230V2, B57250V2, B57261V2, B57332V5 – B57356V5, B57301V2 – B57374V2, B57442V5, B57451V5, B57452V5, B57401V2, B57421V2, B57471V2, B57620C5, B57621C5
    • Level sensors (EPCOS)
    • Tempetature limiting sensors (EPCOS)
    • Motor protection sensors (EPCOS)
    • Pressure sensor elements(EPCOS): C27, C28, C32, C33, C41, C38, AK2, AT2
    • Pressure transmitters(EPCOS): CAU-T, AC-T, ASB/ ASA
    • Clamp meters (TDK): CCT
    • Powder / Piezolectric toner level sensors(TDK): TSP15A, TSP15D
    • Gear sensors (TDK): PS-HR
    • Surface potential sensors (TDK): EFS
    • Humidity sensors (TDK): CHS-ESS, CHS-C, CHS-M, CHS-U
    • Magnetic density / Toner sensors(TDK): TS-A, TS-K, TS-Z
    • Angle sensors(TDK): TAS
  • Protection devices
    • Surge protection (TDK & EPCOS): CeraDiodes,

      Thermal transient voltage suppressors

      (MLV varistors) (CA05M2S10T100HG – CT2220S14BAUTOG, CA04F2FT5AUD010G, CA05M2S10T100HG – CT0603V150RFG_E, CT0201S4ACC2G, CT0201S4ACC4G, CT0201S4ACC5G, CT0402L14G – CT2220M6G, CN2220K30E2GK2 – CT2220S50E3G), Thermal transient voltage suppressors with conclusions (SHCV varistors) (SR1K20M105X – SR6K35M474X), terminal varistors with outputs (EPCOS), block varistors (EPCOS), (EPCOS), SMD disk varistors per board (CU) (EPCOS), ThermoFuse (EPCOS), Surge arresters (G31-A75X, A60, A71, A80, A81, A91, D20, D2A-A800XPD, D3B-A700XP, D3D-A800XP, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC6, EC7, EC9, EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF6, EF8, EHV60, EHV62, EHV63, EM1 EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5, EM6, EM9, EN1, EN2, EN3, EN4, EN6, EN9, ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4, ES7, ES8, ES90, G30, G31, H38, KX61, L10-A800XP1, L18A-A3000XPD, L1B-A800XP1, L1C-A800XP1, L1E-A800XP, L1U-A800XP1, LN30, LN8, LN8A, M50, M51, N80, N81, S20, S30, S50, S80, T20, T21, T23, 3030 T31, T33, T60, T61, T63, T80, T83, T87, T90, T93, T97A, TG30, TQ90-A90, V10, V12, V13, V14, V17-A800XN, V18-A800XNTP, V1B-A500XN, V1C- A800XNHC, V80-A800XP2, V87), Thermal transient voltage suppressors Chip AVRM (TDK), Ring var VAR-18 sources (TDK)

    • Overload protection (EPCOS): PTC Inrush current limiters, NTC Inrush current limiters (P27, S364, S464, P11, S237, P13, S236, S235, S238, S153), PTC Thermistors for overcurrent protection, PTC Thermistors for telecommunication applications

    • Overheat protection (TDK & EPCOS): PTC Limit temperature sensors (EPCOS), NTC thermistor chip (NTCG06, NTCG10, NTCG16, NTCG20)
  • Switching / Heating, Piezo Components, Buzzer, Microphones

    • PTC Thermistors for starting electric motors
    • PTC Thermistors for switching  (EPCOS)
    • PTC Thermistors for heating elements (EPCOS)
    • CeraLink Capacitors (LP,SP)
    • High voltage contactors (HVC200A-12)

    • Spark gap switching (CAS02X068, SSG03X1J, FS04X1JMG, FS06X1NG, FS08HF1BSMD, FS08X1GH, FS08X1JG, FS08X1JGS, FS1X1G, SSG3X1, SSG5X1, FS5,5X1, TF25E, TF26, TF28)

    • Multilayer Piezo Actuators (EPCOS)

    • Ultrasonic atomizers (NB)

    • Piezoelectric receivers (RU)

    • Electromagnetic buzzer (SD, SDC, SDR)

    • Piezoelectric Buzzer (PS)
    • PiezoHapt™ Actuators (FPC)
    • Microphones MEMS (МЭМС) (MMIC271609T4064C0300, MMIC332509T4070C0300)
  • Inductance (Coil)
    • SMT Inductance on board
      (EPCOS): B82496C, B82498F, B82422A*100, B82422H, B82422T, B82432C, B82432T, B82442A, B82442T
    • SMT Power Inductors per Board (EPCOS): B82475A1, B82475M1, B82464P4, B82464G4, B82464A4, B82477G2, B82477P2, B82477P4, B82477R4, B82477D4, B82477G4, B82477G4, B82476A1, B82476B1, B82479A1, B82479G1, B82471A1, B82462G4, B82462A4, B82472G4, B82472G6, B82472P6, B82473A1, B82473M1
    • ERU Chokes (EPCOS): B82559*A016, B82559*A019, B82559*A013, B82559*A020, B82559*A025
    • Reactors for frequency converters (EPCOS): B86301U, B86306A, B86305L*000

    • Transponder coils: B82451L*E, B82450A*E, B82450A*A, TC1210, TC1812, B82450H, TPL802727, TPL1183427, TPL1183525

    • Inductance with conclusions (EPCOS): B82145A, B82144A, B82144F, B82144F2, B78108T, B82141A, B82131, B82132, B82133, B82134, B82111B, B82111E, B82500, B78108S, B78148S, B78108E, B78148E, B82144B, B82144B2
  • Transformers
    • Transformers for DC / DC Converters (EPCOS): B82805A, B78304B, B82802A, B78334B1033, B78334B1034, B78334B1018

    • Transformers for transistor modules IGBT / FET: EP5, VGT,

    • Automotive Transformers for Ultrasonic Sensors (EPCOS): B78416,

    • Network modules: VGT, ECO, SRW, SRX, SRV, PFC, ATB3225, ALT3232M, ALT4532M
    • SMT Current transformers on board (EPCOS): B82801X3, B82801X1, B82801X2, B82801A, B82801B, B82801C, B78417A, B78419A
    • Chokes for power factor correction (TDK): PFC
    • Step-up transformers (TDK): ATB3225
    • Transformers for BMS (TDK)

    • Transformers for AC / DC Converters (TDK): ECO, SRW, SRX, SRV

  • EMC components

    • Inductors for data and signal transmission / Common Mode Filters: B82791G15, B82791H15, B82720H15, B82791G14, B82720H14, B82793C0, B82793S0, B82790C0, B82790S0, B82789C0, B82789S0, ACT45B, B82792C0, B82794C0, B82792C2, B82794C2, TCM0403S, TCM0605S, TCM0605T, TCE0806G, TCE0806S, TCE1608G, MCZ1210DH, MCZ2010DH, MCZ1210CH, MCZ2010CH, ACM2012H, TCM0403R, TCM0605G, TCM1608G, MCZ0605AH, MCZ0806AH, MCZ1210AH, MCZ2010AH, ACM2012E, ACM2012, ACM2520, ACM4520, ACM7060, ACM9070, ACM1211, ACM1513, ACP3225, ACT1210, ACT45B, ACT45R, ACT1210L, ACT45L, ACM2012, ACM4520V, ACM70V, ACM90V, ACM12V

    • Line chokes (EPCOS): B82725S2*, B82731H, B82731M, B82732R, B82732W, B82734R, B82734W, B82731T, B82732F, B82733F, B82733V, B82726S3543, B82721A, B82721J, B82721K, B8272xE6, B82723A, B82723J, B82724J2*U, B82725A, B82726S22*3, B82724A, B82724J, B82720A, B82720K, B82720S, B82722A, B82722J, B82726S2183, B82726S2163, B82726S3223A340, B82724B, B82725J, B82726S61*3, B82791G, B82791H, B82791K, B82767S4, B82745S6123, B82747E6, B82746S4, B82748S4503, B82747S4, B82747S6313, B82748S6623, B82747S4203A, B82748F4183, B82748F6233, B82747S4423, B82746S4103A02*, B82747S4183, B82746S, B82730G, B82730U, B82614R, B82116S1221L127, B82116S1221L026, B82622S, B82623G, B82625B, B82615B, B82116B1224, B82116B2625, B82116B2828

    • Filters LCL (EPCOS): B84143G/Q*R/S405
    • EMC line filters (EPCOS): B84143A*166, B84143A*R107, B84243A, B84143Q*S080, B84143Q*S020, B84142A/C/J*S081, B84111F, B84112G, B84113H, B84142A*166, B84142A*R000/G075, B84142A*R123, B84742A*R190, B84142A*R122, B84142B*R000, B84110A, B84110B, B84103, B84773, B84776, B84771, B84111A, B84112B, B84113C, B84114D, B84115E, B84143B/K*S080/S081, B84143A*R106, B84143B*S020/S021/S024, B84143D*R127, B84143A*R021, B84143A*R105, B84143A*R000, B84143B*R110, B84143G*R110, B84143B*R000, B84143*R410, B84131, B84144A*R000, B84144B*S120/S121, B84144A*R120, B84144A*R140, B84108

    • Output filters (EPCOS): B84143Q*R229, B84143V*R127, B84143V*R290, B84143V*R230, B84143V*S230, B84143V*R227, B84143V*R229, B84143V*S229, B84143V*R027
    • EMC filters for shielded rooms (EPCOS): B84320Z010, B84320Z010, B84312, B84299G, B84299G0056, B84299G0111, B84312, B84299*B001, B84299*B003, B84299*E001, B84299*E003, B84299*B001, B84299*B003, B84299*E001, B84299*E003, B84299G, B84263, B84261, B84298A0042L, B84298A0044L, B84298A0046L, B84298M

    • EMC Feed Through Capacitors (EPCOS): B85121A

    • EMC loop filters (EPCOS): B85321A

    • EMC Suppression Ferrites (TDK): MMZ, MPZ, MAF, MEM, ACH32C, MEA, TCM, MCZ, TCM, ACM, ACT, YNA, ZCAT, AML, YFF
    • Clamping filters (Ferrite Core with Case) (TDK): ZCAT

    • Noise absorber (TDK): YNA

    • Noise Reduction Filters for Audio Lines (TDK): MAF1

    • 3-contact filters (TDK): MEM, MEA, YFF, ACH
    • Chip beads (TDK): MMZ, KPZ, MPZ
  • Ferrites and accessories

    • EPCOS

      Ferrites and accessories: E / ELP cores and accessories, EFD / EV cores and accessories, ER / ETD / EQ cores and accessories, PM / P / P cores, core and accessories halves and cores, PQ cores and accessories, Ring / Aperture cores, RM cores and accessories, U / I cores, blocks, plates, discs, ferrite materials

    • TDK

      Ferrites and accessories: RID

  • Magnets
    • Ferrite magnets: FB13B, FB14H, FB12B, FB12H, FB9N, FB9B, FB9H, FB9NF, FB9BF, FB9HF, FB6N, FB6B, FB6H, FB6E, FB5D, FB5DH, FB3N, FB3G
    • Neodymium magnets: NEOREC

  • Wireless power transmission
    • Tx

      Coil blocks and modules: WT1005690-12K2-A6-G, WT505090-10K2-A11-G, WT505090-20K2-A10-G, WT525225-20K2-A1-G, WT151512-22F2-ID, WT202012-15F2-ID, WT303012-12F2-ID, WTM505090-10K2-5V-G1

    • Rx

      Coil blocks and modules: WR303050-15F5-G, WR444025-17M6-G, WR444030-16F3-G, WR483245-15F5-G, WR483265-15F5-G, WR121210-27M8-ID, WR202010-18M8-ID, WR221230-36M8-G, WR222230-26M8-G, WR301025-19M8-G, WR303050-12F5-ID, WRM483245-15F5-5V-G1, WRM483245-15F5-5V-G2

    • NFC Antenna Combined Coil Blocks Rx: WR524825-17M6-NF-G, WR524830-16F3-NF-G
    • Low-Power Wireless Power Transmitters / NFC Antennas (Screen): IFL04, IBF15
  • Other products TDK

    • Noise Reduction / Magnetic Sheet: IFL10M, IFL12, IFL16, IFL16 Hybrid, IFM10M Hybrid, IFL04, IBF15

    • Transparent conductive film
    • Anechoic chambers and absorbers

    • Systems FA: TAS300, TAS300 TYPE:J1, TAS450 TYPE:A2, AFM-15, AFM-15-D, MDM-50
    • Flash drives: 76KB, 94KB, 55KB, 73KB, 101KB, 73KB, 54KB, 306KB, 392KB, 1071KB, 606KB, 376KB, 399KB, 414KB, 624KB, 411KB, 472KB, 874KB, 326KB, 499KB, 964KB, 790KB
    • Micromodules (substrates with integrated microcircuits, products used with SESUB): SESUB-PAN-D14580

    • Solar panels: BCS

    • Power supplies (TDK-Lambda)

  • Components and Modules SAW (RF360)


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