Control enclosures

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Rose Systemtechnik Control Enclosures

Commander 1 / 1F

Commander 1 — Small aluminum control housing with protective strips

  • Durable and reliable aluminum die-cast housing with front panel
  • Transparent cover and set of handles (option)

Commander 1 F — Small aluminum control housing with frame for front panels and membrane keypads

  • Durable and reliable aluminum die-cast housing
  • Set of pens (option)


Compact aluminum profile Commander-case with a width in 2 two options

  • Application: Compact systems for control equipment and displays
  • Standard integrated heat dissipation system
  • Different lengths using the profile system

SL 2000

Enclosure system for installing control equipment and displays

  • Available in various sizes and depths
  • Comprehensive application options for various accessories
  • Ability to install the front panel both front and rear

SL 3000

Universal housing for control and automation systems

  • Available with different heights, lengths and depths
  • Profile for hinged door front and rear
  • Installing control components directly or through the front panel

SL 4000

Modern package system for control systems and displays

  • In the presence of a body with different heights and widths and 3 options for the depth of the body
  • Easy installation of door hinges and locks
  • Integrated pen system

Thermoregulation systems

Climate systems for ROSE Commander systems, in accordance with the conditions of use

  • Ventilation system with filter. Forced air flow up to 25 m3 / h
  • Compressor cooling systems with cooling capacity up to 430 W
  • Peltier coolers with cooling capacity up to 150 W


Custom-made blocks for maximum operator comfort in all areas of production

  • IP 65 pollution protection
  • Maintenance-friendly design

Suspension systems Rose Systemtechnik

Suspension systems

  • GTK electronic — Aluminum profile system with open cable duct
  • GTS — Suspension system made of aluminum profile for small and medium loads up to 30 kg
  • GTN II — Industrial suspension system for mechanical engineering
  • GT 48/2 — Industrial suspension system from round pipes with internal cable duct
  • GT 50/2, 60/2, 80/2 — Industrial suspension system made of square profile for heavy loads
  • GTK 80 — Industrial pendant system with open cable duct for heavy loads

Moterm System

Mobile control support system

  • Optionally: version without height adjustment or version with manual adjustment
  • Version with 2 or 4 clips

Tilt adapter

Tilt adapters for individually connecting the chassis and ROSE suspension systems or for wall mounting

  • Easy handling due to open design
  • Step adjustment of a tilt angle

Height adjustment

Height adjustment for a flexible, convenient workspace device

  • By means of a pneumatic cylinder (raising and lowering GTN II)
  • lt; Air cylinder with lock and hydraulic release (GTN II lift) / ligt;
  • Can be combined with ROSE suspension systems (GTN II and GTK electronic)