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Molded-case circuit breakers General Electric Record Plus up to 1600A

The Record PlusTM series of circuit breakers is designed as a new series of aesthetically and technically matched protection devices for widespread use in various low-voltage electrical installations.

Circuit breakers of this series are available in four sizes, each of which is adapted to individual customer requirements, taking into account the particular application of the switch. The switches are rated for currents from 3 to 1600A, in one, three or four pole design. Numerous installation options are provided (fixed, plug-in, and withdrawable circuit breakers) and are equipped with a wide range of accessories.

FD160. The circuit-breaker of the FD160 size, rated for 160 A, is designed to be mounted on DIN rails together with modular equipment and in industrial switchboards. It is equipped with IPXXB terminals, convenient for direct connection of one or two conductors with a total cross section of up to 95 mm2. The circuit breaker is equipped with a thermomagnetic release and only a magnetic release to protect the motor circuits. Frame size FD160 bridges the gap between the miniature circuit breakers used in residential buildings and industrial molded case circuit breakers.

FE160 and FE250. Circuit breakers of frame size FE, rated for current 160 and 250A, are designed for installation in switchboards together with circuit breakers of frame size FD63 / 160. They are equipped with easily accessible bus connections and can be supplemented with cable lugs for use with copper or aluminum conductors. The design provides interchangeable use of thermomagnetic, magnetic and electronic releases.

FG400 and FG 630. FG circuit breakers rated for 400 and 630 A include all the latest features in FD and FE frame sizes. The connecting part of the FG frame size is equipped with easily accessible bus connections. Additionally, cable lugs can be ordered for connection to single or multi-core copper or aluminum wires. This type of switch is designed for use with interchangeable electronic releases, which can be easily configured to meet different protection requirements.

FK 800, 1250 and 1600. FK circuit breakers, rated for current 800, 1250 and 1600A, are designed for use with FG400 and 630 circuit breakers. Electronic circuit breakers are used trip units with numerous operating ranges, a wide selection of installation options and differential earth fault protection. If necessary, thermomagnetic and magnetic trip units can also be installed. The connecting part of the FK circuit-breaker is distinguished by easily accessible bus connections or cable lugs for single or multicore copper or aluminum wires.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers General Electric Record Plus PremEon

The design of the new PremEon line of electronic trip units ensures stable and reliable operation in all network environments.

First in its class, PremEon S, combines sophisticated 32-bit technology with a full range of security features.

A simple dial indicates a wide range of settings from 0.3 to 1 In.

Devices with a design that matches the Record Plus molded case circuit breaker range are available as 3 or 4 pole units in the current range from 7 to 630A.

Each standard unit has two to four overcurrent protection devices:

  • Overload protection (overload protection) in the range from 0.3 to 1 release rating. Each of the 15 possible positions has a face value indicated in amperes.
  • Short circuit protection (short circuit) with a delayed response with a wide adjustment range from 2 to 13 (2) of the setpoint of the RF device or the value of Ir. For each switch size, a fixed time setting is applied.
  • Selective high-speed current cut-off (I) at fixed values ​​of 14 (2) multiples of the nominal value of the release, to ensure selectivity, shape recognition is used gnalov.
  • Additional protection against earth faults (DZ) (differential protection principle) can be set from 0.4 to 1 release rating and must be used with a multiple delay and / or I2T settings.

Each device is equipped with an LED indicator that blinks when the current reaches 0.95 In, and glows continuously when a shutdown occurs during overload (at 1.05 In). The electronic device also constantly performs self-diagnostics and warns the user with an LED indicator about any malfunctions.

An integrated temperature sensor prevents electronic components from heating to temperatures that could damage the circuit breaker or surrounding equipment.

Selectivity. PremEon, designed for Record Plus circuit breakers with unique selectivity and current limiting capability, offers significantly improved selectivity between upstream and downstream devices. The use of high-precision sensor technology and the latest electronics minimizes the tolerances of the expected breaking currents and the corresponding response delay time.

Integrated verification device. Just plug in a standard mobile phone charger to the micro-USB port and the “TEST” button will become active. Click it to test the entire electronic circuit, and then test the connected switch.

Integrated “TEST” function, which requires only a USB phone charger.

The USB connector also acts as a data access connector, allowing the user to check the switch settings. The data contains records of the last 10 cases of operation and data of the waveform of the last event. In this configuration, the release is powered by a PC (there is no longer a need for a charger).

Prepared for the future, PremEon S is the first release of the new generation Record Plus. They are interchangeable, their design provides for future upgrades and have user-defined neutral protection (only 4-pole devices).