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Circuit breakers Redline General Electric

Redline is a professional line of modular devices featuring top-notch workmanship and a wide range of
accessories to implement the most complex power distribution schemes based on electrical equipment
General Electric both in residential buildings and in industry.
This line includes a series of circuit breakers for domestic use (GOST 50345–99),
and for industrial applications (GOST 50035.2).
The range includes special series of circuit breakers for use in railway and marine transport,
for switching solar panels, a series of selective automatic machines S90.
Rated current 0.5 to 125A; breaking capacity 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 25 kA; selectivity class 3; characteristics
trips B, C, D, K, Z; cross-section of the supplied cable common to 35 mm ^ 2, terminal tightening torque 4.5 Nm.

New RedLine Series Rulers:

  • Miniature circuit breakers with cable terminals with ring lugs for use in railway applications.
    Designed to meet shaking, shock and vibration resistance requirements.
  • Unibis — Compact miniature circuit breakers, 50% space saving
  • Fixwell — Screwless Miniature Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers DMS-line General Electric

The DMS-line line is designed specifically for use in residential and public buildings and
recommended for use in housing (GOST 50345–99).
The series meets all the requirements of the Russian market, has an ergonomic design,
reliable screw terminal clamps and DIN rail mounting clips.
Circuit breakers can be used in switchboards,
where there is no need to connect additional devices to them.

Residual current devices Redline General Electric

AB supplies a wide range of General Electric residual current circuit breakers and accessories. Devices
protective shutdown (RCD) are designed to protect a person from electric shock, as well as to protect
fire wiring. Differential current circuit breakers (RCDs) operate only when current leakage to ground, therefore
they protect people from electric shock, as well as wiring and electrical installations from leakage currents.
Differential current blocks are connected to circuit breakers and are designed to protect against leakage currents.

  • New line of UZO RedLine
  • Compact differential circuit breakers
  • Fixwell — Screwless RCD (FPP Series)
  • TeleREC — Reloop relay (TeleREC BASIC, PLUS, SOLAR series)

Redline differential circuit breakers General Electric

The residual current circuit breakers are an RCD and a circuit breaker in a single housing,
those. at the same time provide protection against leakage currents, overload currents and short circuit currents.
Differential circuit breakers are present in the DMS-line series and in the Redline series.

Redline General Electric Controls

We offer a wide range of Redline Series modular devices for monitoring and control

  • Relays — Contax R. Relays are electromechanical controlled switches that are used to monitor low power loads.
  • Impulse switches — Pulsar S. Impulse switches are electromechanically controlled
    devices that control single or multiphase
    power load. Control requires (very) low power.
    The device switches from one stable position to another
    every time a short pulse affects the control circuit.
  • Stairway Switch — Pulsar TS. Contains a button-controlled timer. After a single
    pressing the button, the power is supplied to the load, and after the expiration
    The pre-set time cuts off the power.
  • Switches and Buttons — Aster. Turning on and off the light and heat in homes, shops, offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, etc.
  • Indicator lamp — Aster. Indication of position.
  • Modular contactors — Contax. Contactors are electromagnetic control devices that serve to control a single or multiphase load. Low power required for control.
  • Time relay — Pulsar T. Creating conditions for the arrival of pulses that are consistent with the output pulses.
  • Analog timers — Classic. Programmable switching of all kinds of electrical appliances.
  • Digital timers — Galax. Programmable switching of all kinds of electrical appliances.
  • Timers — 72×72 Classic and Galax. Programmable switching of all types of electrical appliances.
  • Light-sensitive switches — Galax LSS. Electronic switch, controls the intensity of the surroundings
    light, which is determined (depending on the model) by a separate or integrated photocell. When the light intensity falls below the threshold
    reading, the switch gives a command to turn on. When the light intensity of the environment increases, the device gives a command to turn off.
  • Transformers — T. Series Functions: Reduce voltage to safe
    values ​​to reduce danger
    electric shock when
    special environmental conditions
    (e.g. at high humidity on
    outdoors, in a swimming pool complex, etc.).
  • Measuring Instruments — MT Series. Functions: Measurement, Display and Data Acquisition
    voltage, current, frequency, time
    operations, power, energy, cos a and
  • Priority Relays and Phase Sequence Relays — PR Series. Functions: Priority relays allow limiting consumption
    electricity in electrical systems with
    limited maximum
    power. For a certain time, the total current of the electrical system is measured and in
    if the power consumption exceeds the set
    value then priority relay
    disconnect non-priority load.
  • Surge arresters — SurgeGuard. Functions: Protection of electrical installations and all
    electrical or electronic
    devices from the destructive effects of voltage surges.
    Such voltage surges can occur from induced currents.
    when struck by lightning, interference from engines, frequency converters,
    dimmers, etc., and
    also from switching supply circuits.