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General Electric M Series Contactors up to 5.5 kW

General characteristics of the General Electric M-series contactors:

  • Compliance with IEC 947 standards
  • 3-pole: 2.2-5.5 kW — 380/415 V — AC3, 6-12 A — AC3
  • 4-pole: 20 A AC1, control circuit: alternating current, direct current
  • Comes with 3 different contact configurations
  • Coils: overheat protection, easy replacement, spare parts available; large tolerance 0.7–1.3 x U
  • Mounting: installation in a 35 mm DIN bay or screw fixing
  • IP20 protection level

General Electric Efficor Contactors up to 18.5 kW

We present to your attention the latest line of contactors from General Electric — Efficor. The line has an energy-efficient design in compliance with environmental safety standards. Reliable technology complies with food and transport industry standards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double screw terminals. The tightening torque is 2.2 Nm and the same for the entire line of contactors from 9 A to 40 A. The identical screw slots on devices of all standard sizes allow connections to be made with a single screwdriver. The entire line of contactors has double screw terminals. Devices with power from 4 kW to 18.5 kW have screw terminals for connecting conductors with a cross section from 0.75 mm2 to 16 mm2. A reliable connection eliminates the possibility of a conductor falling out. Temperature protection, even for small conductors.
  • Tool-less installation. Installation and dismantling of contactors, as well as auxiliary contacts and accessories on a DIN rail, is carried out without the use of tools.
  • Quick installation of direct start system. User-friendly design of the connection module and mounting base. Functional busbar and connection kit.
  • High switching resource. Switching resource of more than 1.7 million commutations. Application category AC3 at rated current
  • Operating temperature range From -40 ° C to +55 ° C. Suitable for extreme temperatures

General Electric CL Series Contactors up to 55 kW

Key features of the General Electric CL series contactors:

  • Compliance with IEC 947 standards
  • Three- and four-pole contactors from 9 to 105 A (AC3); 25 to 140 A (AC1)
  • Mounting with clamps on a 35 mm DIN rail (EN 50022-35) or fastening with screws
  • Terminals are protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0106 T.100, VBG4
  • Version with ring terminals
  • Three coil outputs
  • Front / side installation of auxiliary instantaneous block contacts, auxiliary block contacts with a delayed response, mechanical interlock, surge suppressor block and interface modules is possible

General Electric CK Series Contactors up to 450 kW

Key features of the General Electric CK Series contactors:

  • Compliance with IEC 947 standards
  • Three- and four-pole contactors with power from 150 to 825 A (AC3); 200 to 1250 A (AC1)
  • Degree of protection IP00 (IPxxB with optional accessories)
  • CK07 … CK13: auxiliary terminals contacts and coils are protected against accidental contact. Protection for power contacts is available on request (see accessories)
  • Terminals are protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0106 T.100, VBG4
  • CK_ _E_ with electronic module suitable for control of direct and alternating current (50/60 Hz)
  • SK contactors are always supplied with the auxiliary block contact BCLL11 (1 NO + 1 NC)

Contactors for switching capacitors — CSCN General series Electric

With integrated resistance to switching three-phase capacitor banks.

The CSCN series contactors have a front-mounted unit with three auxiliary NO contacts and six discharge resistors (two per phase) through which the capacitors are connected to the network at the beginning of operation, which reduces current surges. After quenching resistors of inrush currents, the main contacts short-circuit these resistors. After a few milliseconds, the auxiliary make contacts open for current to flow only through the main contacts.

Contactors with rotary anchor General Electric 390.R series

AC and DC are controlled by a rectifier bridge that meets the most stringent modern requirements in terms of reliability, durability and performance.

Main characteristics:

  • Sliding contact holder mounted on self-centering and self-lubricating bronze bushings
  • Minitubes are made of high strength material with high electrical resistance
  • Separate auxiliary contacts