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  • A wide range of rated currents from 0.1 to 100A.
  • Breaking capacity of Icu 50kA (400V) to 100A.
  • Easy to install. A wide range of accessories.
  • Front contact blocks.
  • Operation indicator.
  • High reliability and accuracy.


  • Three-pole current 630A (AC3).
  • Four-pole current 1600A (AC1).
  • Contactors for reactive power compensation up to 60kvar (400V).
  • Four-pole 2HO + 2HZ or 4HZ.
  • Version for AC or DC current.
  • Versions for low consumption DC for auxiliary contactors 9A to 38A (AC3).
  • Additional units and accessories.
  • Certified by international regulatory authorities.

Thermal protection relay

  • Thermal relays for current from 0.09 to 420A.
  • With phase loss control and without phase loss control.
  • Automatic and / or manual reset.
  • Direct mounting on a contactor or independent installation.
  • PTC Thermistor Motor Protection Relay.


  • Direct-start starters in an insulated casing with or without a thermal relay.
  • Options with the START / STOP or RESET buttons.
  • Insulated starter cases.
  • Assembled reversing starters and switches.
  • Star-delta starters in open and closed design.


  • Starters for current from 6 to 1200A.
  • For complex and standard operations.
  • Built-in contactors with bypass up to 245A.
  • Step change in starting torque.
  • Built-in full engine protection.
  • Clock calendar.
  • Digital configuration and management.
  • RS232 and RS485 interface for remote monitoring and control.
  • Communication protocol proprietary ASCII and Modbus®-RTU.

Frequency Converters

  • Execution versions: single-phase network up to 2.2kW and three-phase network up to 630kW.
  • Special functions for controlling pumps and fans using the PID algorithm.
  • Active crash protection.
  • Built-in EMC filter in all versions of execution.
  • Choice of engine control method: V / f, vector, energy saving.
  • Selects the type of outputs and inputs: digital or analog.
  • IP54 versions available on request.
  • Environmental versions of HVAC are available on request (according to IEC / EN 61000-3-12).