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General Electric SFK Series Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

SFK series motorized machines are designed to protect electric motors from overvoltage, overheating and short circuit.

SFK and Surion motor-drives can be used both independently and with contactors made by General Electric.

Since motor-automats are designed specifically for use with electric motors, they have a number of advantages that make it possible to switch motors more efficiently: firstly, they do not respond to inrush currents; secondly, the setting of the thermal release can be adjusted manually.

Features of General Electric motor protection circuit breakers:

  • For thermal and magnetic protection of AC and DC motors.
  • Compliance with IEC 947-2, IEC 947-4-1 and VDE 0660 standards.
  • Manual button.
  • The setting range is from 0.1 to 25 A at 690 V AC and 220 V DC.
  • Breaking capacity of 65 kA up to the setting range 1.6 – 2.5, A / 400 V.
  • Opening class 10.
  • Instantaneous magnetic tripping (12x maximum tripping current Ie).
  • Single phase protection.
  • Alignment of characteristics when the ambient temperature changes (from -5 ° C to + 40 ° C).
  • Easy installation of internal and external accessories and accessories.
  • Fast mounting on DIN rails of EN 50022–35 standard and two screws on a mounting plate or on a wall.
  • The outputs are protected against accidental contact (IP20).
  • Suitable for insulation and positive blocking in the open position (standard IEC 947–1 § 7-1-6).

General Electric Surion Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Surion includes a complete range of compact and reliable hand-held starters for electric motors with a rating of 0.1-63 A and dimensions for two different compartments (45 and 55 mm wide). They provide a new motor protection system for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors with power up to 30 kW @ 400 V AC with a current rating of up to 63 A.

The swinging lever and the rotary knob mechanism guarantee a clear indication of the status with On-Off-Disabled positions to quickly determine the status of the circuit.

Surion starters are used worldwide and are specifically designed to improve overall compatibility with other Industrial Solutions products. They can be used in combination with type M mini-contactors and CL type contactors to form solutions with starters without fuses.

The entire line supports thermal + magnetic shutdown to provide complete motor protection, or only magnetic short circuit protection for starters.

A complete set of components guarantees a solution for any type of application. The kit includes auxiliary contacts (front or side: left and right), a trip indicator (for short circuit and overload), an indicator for short circuits only, an independent circuit breaker, a circuit breaker at reduced voltage (complete with or without auxiliary contacts) , housings, tire system and other equipment.