JACOB Introduces New Series of Cable Glands

JACOB Introduces New WADI Series Cable Glands with Patented Clamping Technology

The secret to the success of the new WADI cable glands lies in the designed O-ring for fixing the cable. Instead of the usual form with a sealing ring, JACOB engineers use a wider sealing insert, which provides a much larger contact area, while for a standard cable entry there is a narrow contact area.


WADI adapts better.

The cable entry is usually designed for a specific predefined cable diameter. Of course, this also applies to WADI, but its clamping area is larger than other cable entries thanks to the new patented two-stage O-ring.


WADI one series is the new standard for general industrial applications.

WADI one has a temperature range from -40 ° C to + 100 ° C.

WADI rail series ; – for railway vehicles.

The special orange TPE sealing insert is suitable for low-temperature applications from -60 ° C to + 100 ° C, as well as for applications with increased fire safety requirements.

WADI heat series – when it gets really hot.

Thanks to its green sealing insert, WADI is extremely resistant to high heat loads and temperature fluctuations due to its stainless steel or brass construction. It has a temperature range from -40 ° C to + 200 ° C.


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