Schmersal: safety for people and machines! Under this motto, we offer a wide range of switching components and systems around the world to protect the lives of people and machines.

Schmersal products are distinguished by:

  • high reliability (more than 10 years of actual operation in metallurgical and coke-chemical plants), which is ensured by increased requirements for the casing and the design of switches;
  • extended operating temperature range;
  • the presence of tropical performances.

Schmersal produces:

  • Schmersal CSP 34 – Security Sensors
  • Schmersal PROTECT SRB – Security Modules
  • PROTECT PSC – Modular Security Controllers
  • Switches
  • Schmersal BDF – control panels
  • Limit switches
  • Alarm devices
  • Devices for Ex – zones
  • Lifting equipment and mechanisms

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